3 Important Documents You Need To Sell Your FSBO Home In Central Oregon

Dated: 02/19/2018

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The last thing you want to do as a FSBO is open yourself up for a lawsuit or a failed sale at the last minute.  Sell your home successfully by making sure you have these three documents.

1. Property Disclosure- The State of Oregon requires homeowner's to fill out and complete a property disclosure to give to a buyer when they receive an offer.  However, it's customary to give the disclosure to a buyer as soon as they request it.  Fill out the disclosure and all sellers should sign and date it and make copies to give to potential buyers and their brokers.  Click here to download a copy.

2. Lead Based Paint Disclosure- Was your home built before 1978?  You are required to disclose if you know of lead based paint in your home and if you have any reports about lead based paint on your home.  Buyers are also given a 10 day period to investigate the presence of lead based paint if they choose to do so.  Click here to download a copy of the disclosure.

3. Property Profile- Help buyers feel confident that they are buying a home that does not have lien other than a mortgage on it by presenting them with a profile.  Call your local title company and let them know you are getting ready to sell your home and you'd like to get a property profile.  After your receive this report, read through it carefully to make sure all information is accurate and that no red flags popped up!  Don't know who to call, email me at [email protected] for a recommendation.

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