4 Reasons Your Home Has Not Sold

Dated: 02/12/2018

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You’re frustrated.  Wondering why a buyer hasn’t made an offer yet?  The market must be bad?  Let’s take a look at the top four reasons your home hasn’t sold.

  1. Your home is not marketed well- “Put it on Zillow or Craigslist with a few photos and it’ll sell!” Your neighbor told you that’s all it took for them to find a buyer but here you are two months later with only a few showings and no offers.  With over 200 homes on the market in your area at any given time, how are you standing out in the crowd?  Are your signs easy to read, are you updating your listing description and photos every couple weeks, are you telling buyers about all the upgrades you’ve completed, did you post a walk through tour on Zillow, do you repost to Craigslist every few days?  Have you contacted 100 of your neighbors by phone or door knocking and given them a flyer while asking if they know a potential buyer?

  2. Your home Is over priced- Less than 3 showings a week?  3 weeks and no offers? Your home is overpriced.  You are at least $5000 overpriced if you are not receiving offers in the first 3 weeks.  Price reductions of $1000 or $2000 do not bring another set of buyers or make those initials buyers decide to take a second look.  The market also changes, if you received a market analysis from a real estate broker a couple months ago, make sure you’ve received a monthly update, the market can change quickly.

  3. Your home lacks updates- How new are the appliances?  What about the heating system?  How old is the roof?  Has the flooring seen better days?  Buyers these days are pinch pennies to get the downpayment saved to purchase a home.  Spending thousands of dollars as soon as they move in to make updates that you’ve put off oftentimes causes them to ignore your property.

  4. Your home lacks curb appeal- Are you house proud? Do you love pulling up to your home every day?  A buyer needs to be excited when they see a picture of the front of the home and even more excited the first time they step out of the car to view the property.  A fresh coat of paint on the door, a great door mat, updated house numbers, flowers and front porch decor can really make your house pop!  Do you need to call a landscaper that can get your front yard shaped up, trees and bushes trimmed, new bark or rock?  You’ll earn an handsome return on that small investment so don’t put it off any longer!

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